Program of Events 2014-2015

Competition Photos and A/V Presentations are shown at each meeting. The following is a list of the featured presenter for each month:

Tuesday September 2, 2014
Presenter: Erica Laker
“Photoshop World and Beyond”

Tuesday October 7, 2014
Presenters: Petro Tiahur, Luxe Photography
“Commercial Photography: From Studio To Print”

Tuesday November 4, 2014
Presenter: Don Komarechka
“Macro Photography”

Tuesday December 2, 2014

Christmas Event
Presenter: Tosha Lobsinger
“Photography and Wellness”

Tuesday January 6, 2015

Presenter: Jim Kutyba
“Travel Photography”

Tuesday February 3, 2015
Presenter: Harold Kinart
“49 Years”

Tuesday March 3, 2015
Presenter: Santo Giorno
“Yellowstone:Window Into the Earth”

Tuesday April 7, 2015
Presenter: Herman Giethoorn
“Ontario Nature”

Tuesday May 5, 2015
Presenter: Irene Miller
“Recent Projects”

Tuesday June 2, 2015
Awards Banquet
Presenter: Bill Coombes
“Nature Way and Wawanosh Trails”
Presentation of the Annual Awards to follow.

Mid-Month Meeting

A second meeting is held on the third Wednesday of each month. These meetings are less formal and more interactive in nature. Content of the meetings is decided as the year progresses based on member's interests and suggestions. Mid-month meetings may consist of technique demonstrations, photo show-and-tell, narrated AV shows, and more.

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